An officer from the Knoxville Police Department is recovering from a severely fractured ankle following a chase Monday night.

According to KPD, officers spotted a car traveling at a high rate of speed and veering left of center of the road on Virginia Avenue.

When officers pulled the car over, they said they saw an open container in the front cup holder and were told it belonged to the driver, 18-year-old Nicole Iddins.

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Officers asked Iddins to leave the car and speak with an officer. A second officer began speaking with the backseat passenger, 22-year-old Delano Shorts, when officers said they noticed he was acting nervous and hesitant to comply with commands.

KPD said when officers asked Shorts to get out of the car, he pushed through officers and ran toward Western Heights. While running after Shorts down a steep embankment, KPD said one of the pursuing officers severely fractured his ankle.

Shorts was apprehended roughly 200 yards from the traffic stop.

KPD said another backseat passenger, 21-year-old Dashawn Motely, gave officers a fake name. Officers said they discovered Motely had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear with no bond.

Officers arrested all three suspects.

Iddins is charged with reckless driving, having an open container, underage consumption and simple possession for marijuana.

Shorts was charged with two counts of simple possession of cocaine and Clonazepam pills, evading arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, crossing at other than a crosswalk, resisting stop, arrest, and search, and two outstanding warrants for failure to appear.

Motely was arrested for criminal impersonation and an outstanding warrant for failure to appear.

KPD said the injured officer will be out of work for an extended period of time to recover.