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THP dashcam video shows chase, shootout on Highway 27

The suspect, 22-year-old Cody Seals, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, along with the troopers he fired at during and after a chase on Highway

On January 9, a chase involving Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers ended in a shootout on Highway 27.

The 22-year-old driver who shot at law enforcement has been identified as Cody Seals.

Seals appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday. The troopers who shot back at Seals were also at the hearing.

For the first time, the dashcam footage from the THP shows what happened that night. 

"We were probably going like 80 to 90 miles an hour," said THP Trooper Khalat Ghazi. 

Ghazi said as they reached a speed of 97 miles per hour during the chase, Seals fired an AK-47 from his truck at Rich Thomas, a trooper.

Ghazi's dashcam video shows Thomas swerving to avoid the gunfire.

As the chase continued down the highway, Thomas rammed his vehicle into Seals' F-150.

When the three came to a stop, the dash camera video shows Seals getting out of his truck as Ghazi commands him to put his hands up.

"I could see he had a rifle and was turning towards me and that's when I fired my weapon," Ghazi said in court.

Seals ignored the commands and continued shooting at the troopers. He hit Ghazi on the leg and sent him to the hospital. 

"He was easily within 10 feet of me, shooting at me and trying to kill me," said Ghazi. 

The shootout ended off-camera when troopers shot Seals and made the arrest.

Both troopers had minor injuries.

Seals' passenger during the chase that night has been identified as Courtney Faulkner. She is facing drug charges and was also in court. 

Seals' charges include attempted first-degree murder and reckless driving. 

Seals' and Faulkner's cases have been sent to the Grand Jury.

This story was originally reported by WRCB.