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'Tired of millennials': Louisville man arrested for false imprisonment after blocking woman's car on dead-end road

Thomas Brandon, 77, said the woman had cut him off, and he decided to chase her because he was 'tired of millennials.'

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — A Louisville, Tenn. man was arrested for false imprisonment after chasing a woman and blocking her on a dead-end street.

On Friday, officers responded to the dead-end of River Point Cove Road in Knox County on a disturbance call.

According to records, the responding officer saw a white Ford truck pushed against a smaller vehicle in the road. A man, identified as 77-year-old Thomas Brandon, was standing outside of the truck.

The man told officers the smaller vehicle, which was occupied by a woman and a young boy, had cut him off. He then chased the vehicle to River Point Cove because he was "tired of millennials."

Officers said they asked what his intentions were, and he told them he wanted to talk to his lawyer. They also spoke with the woman in the smaller vehicle, and she told them that the man had been chasing her and she ended up on the dead-end road when she was trying to escape. She said the man then blocked in her car.

According to records, the woman locked her doors and called 911 as the man circled her car and stared at her.

Brandon was then taken into custody, according to records.