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Nine years after a tragic loss, family honors a loved one's memory as sister graduates from Pellissippi State

After the murder of T.S. Thrasher Jr. in 2014, his family receiving his college diploma.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — The murder of 29-year-old Thomas "T.S." Thrasher Jr. left a lasting impact on his family and friends. Nine years have passed since his untimely death, yet the pain lingers on for his loved ones who continue to fight for justice. 

Amidst the ongoing murder investigation, the Thrasher family has found a reason to celebrate. On the eve of her graduation from Pellissippi State Community College, T.S. Thrasher's sister will receive her diploma, fulfilling a dream that her brother was so close to achieving.

T.S. Thrasher had just completed his coursework at Pellissippi State and was only one semester away from receiving his diploma when his life was cut short in 2014. 

His family has been waiting for justice ever since, but in the meantime, they have been honoring his memory in various ways. And now, as his sister prepares to graduate from the same college, the family is proud to celebrate a new milestone in his honor.

The journey to this moment was made possible by the efforts of a criminal justice professor who took notice of the Thrasher family's story. Professor Donna Trogdon took it upon herself to ensure that Thomas' sister would be able to walk across the stage and receive her and her brother's diploma, even if her brother was not there to witness it.

Trogdon worked with the college administration to make this happen, and the Thrasher family said they are grateful for her kindness and dedication.

For the Thrasher family, this graduation ceremony is bittersweet. It's a moment of pride and accomplishment, but also a reminder of what could have been for Thomas. His sister Kayla Thrasher, who shares his passion for learning, will be receiving her diploma Saturday. His family will also receive Thrasher's honorary diploma. 

While his family continues to seek justice for Thomas, they take comfort in knowing that his legacy lives on through his and his sister's achievements.

Speaking about her brother, T.S. Thrasher's sister Kayla Thrasher said, "He would be so proud of me, and I know he's watching over me."

The family is sure that Thomas will be present in spirit at the ceremony, just as he has been with them all these years. They are grateful for the support of their community and the college, which has helped to make this moment possible.

As T.S. Thrasher's sister prepares to receive her diploma from the same college her brother attended, the family is proud to mark this milestone in his honor. While the fight for justice continues, they take comfort in knowing that Thomas' legacy lives on through his family's achievements and the memories of those who knew and loved him.

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