Safeco Field surveillance video was released Thursday showing the man who tried to steal part of the bat from the Ken Griffey Jr. statue in front of the stadium last week.

The video shows the suspect, identified as Skyler Mamoru in the accompanying police report, pulling and twisting the bat until he finally breaks off a large piece of it. He then walks, nonchalantly, north on the sidewalk along First Avenue, even putting it on his right shoulder.

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According to the police report, an officer was responding to reports that a man was seen walking and running in and out of traffic, kicking bicycles and trying to climb onto a bus. As he was on his way to the scene, the report came in that a man had taken the bat off the statue.

The officer arrived to find the bat was sitting on a trash can next to the Mamoru, and another trash can was in the road. The officer arrested Mamoru.

Witnesses reported seeing Mamoru running around in traffic, kicking trash bins over, and trying to jump on the back of a moving vehicle, and said Mamoru was the one who pulled the bat off the statue.

The officer said it appeared the bat was damaged as if it had been swung into something. Estimated damage was $2,000.

According to the officer's report, Mamoru said he was angry after getting into an argument with a girl on Facebook, but claimed he hadn't damaged anything. The officer reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol on Mamoru's breath and that Mamoru admitted he was extremely drunk.