A Newport couple is charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect under Haley's Law after their three-month-old was seriously injured.

According to court documents, the three-month old is in intensive care at a children's hospital with critical injuries, including broken ribs and bleeding on the brain.

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The mother, Marissa Cook, 22, told investigators she was "overstressed and had a major lack of sleep and simply lost her cool and grabbed the infant and squeezed it and shook the baby."

The baby's father, Michael Frasier, 21, is not believed to have caused the injuries, but witnessed an assault and did nothing to report it or get help for the baby.

According to the documents, "at the time of this warrant the babies injuries are projected to be permanent."

Both are being held under a $500,000 bond at the Cocke County jail.

Haley’s Law makes it a Class A felony to abuse a child under the age of 9 in a way that leads to serious bodily injury that could lead to death. It carries an enhanced punishment--- 15 years to life in prison. It was named after a little Campbell County girl who was badly abused and covered with burns when she was found in 2004.