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House of Horrors: Joel Guy Jr. found guilty on all counts of murdering, dismembering his parents

Guy murdered Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy in their West Knox County home over Thanksgiving weekend 2016.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — You can watch the trial live in the video player above or by scrolling down to watch on YouTube.

A Knox County jury convicted Joel M. Guy, Jr. on Friday of all seven counts as charged in the killings and dismemberments of his parents in their Hardin Valley home.

Knox County Criminal Court Judge Steve Sword set sentencing for Nov. 19.

Guy, 32, faces an automatic life term after being convicted of murdering his parents. The question remains whether Sword will elect to fold the murder convictions into one term or run the two life terms consecutively.

Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen said the state wants Guy to face consecutive terms, meaning he wouldn't be eligible for parole until 102 years have passed.

Guy also faces sentencing on convictions of abuse of a corpse of his parents.

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Original Story: 

Knox County investigators walked into a house of horrors Nov. 28, 2016. Prosecutors say Joel M. Guy Jr. is the one who created it.

Guy, 32, is charged with plotting his parents' murders and then savagely following through -- surprising Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy the Saturday after Thanksgiving in their Goldenview Lane home, attacking them with a knife and them cutting up their bodies for disposal.

A Knox County Criminal Court jury is hearing the case. Testimony was to start Sept. 28.

Guy had driven up from his Louisiana apartment for what his family thought would be one last gathering at the West Knox County home before the Guys packed up and moved to a Hawkins County home.

Relations appeared strained that holiday weekend. The parents were ready to cut off Guy's financial support. He wasn't happy about it, prosecutors allege.

The reclusive, bookish Guy had been a student off and on at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Now his support was coming to an end.

Evidence indicates he killed his father in an exercise room and then attacked his mother after she came home from a shopping trip.

By all accounts, his mother doted on him.

Guy Sr. suffered more than 40 stab wounds. Mrs. Guy had 31 stab wounds to her back and buttocks, according to the prosecution.

Guy bought chemicals that indicated he intended to dissolve their bodies, the prosecution contends. But the killer didn't finish the job, according to the state, abruptly leaving the following day to drive back to Louisiana.

When detectives went to check on the Guys' welfare, they found body parts in bins, on the exercise room floor, in a pot on the stove.

Guy was arrested the following day in Louisiana. He's been in jail ever since.

The prosecution did not seek the death penalty. Guy tried a legal maneuver this month to allow Judge Steve Sword to impose death, but the judge said he didn't have that option. 

 A jury was selected on Thursday. Opening statements were Monday and testimony began. WBIR will stream live coverage of the trial on this page and on WBIR's YouTube channel.

Warning: Some testimony and images may be graphic.


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Credit: WBIR
The Guys' Goldenview Lane home the day their bodies were discovered.


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