A Monroe County woman charged with felony theft after she falsely claimed she had cancer appeared in court on Monday.

Ashley Lively faces a charge of felony theft.

Late last year into early 2016, she told people she was dying from Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

As a result of fundraisers, she and her husband Dalton Lively received thousands of dollars in cash and services. People in the community held a chili benefit for her, created a Facebook prayer group, sold t-shirts, conducted private fundraisers, launched a GoFundMe campaign and even treated Lively to a day at the local salon.

A 10News investigation found Lively used some of the money to take trips to the beach with her husband and buy a new car.

As sympathetic community members grew increasingly suspicious, Lively eventually admitted in a text message to family members that she had been lying.

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Officials booked her into the Monroe County Jail in October and then posted bond.

At the time, investigators told 10News she admitted to them that she lied about the cancer diagnosis.

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Lively's court appearance Monday was brief. Her defense attorney, Loudon-based Brian Nichols, and Shari Tayloe, chief assistant district attorney for the 10th judicial district, set with the judge Lively's next court date, for Jan. 23.

"The state just provided discovery this week and we haven't had a chance to review it," Nichols said when asked why Monday's appearance was so brief.

He declined to comment on Lively's case.

In the meantime, the judge asked Lively to remain in good standing. Her husband Dalton was also in the courtroom. He is currently not facing any charges related to this matter.