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Here's a look back at all the times these Vols captured our hearts this season

From 'One Fly, We All Fly', to the time Schofield lost it on Senior Night, we're remembering the times this special group inspired us this year.

Throughout the 2018-2019 basketball season, the Vols lifted our spirits and captured our hearts. Their journey ended in Louisville tonight, but these Vols will continue to inspire us. 

Here's a quick look back at all the times they encouraged us to fly higher this year.

1. When they inspired thousands of people with One Fly, We All Fly 

2. That time this 10-year-old Vols fan got her hands on a hard-to-get Vols jersey...and got tossed a retweet from the Admiral himself. 

3. When they heaped praise on Schofield for *that* dunk...

4. One cry, we all cry. When  Admiral Schofield, Kyle Alexander, Lucas Campbell and Brad Woodson were honored at Senior Night .... and Admiral got emotional. 

5. When we realized the guys are pretty competitive off the court ...

6. When this little girl just wondered where her favorite player was ...

7. And finally ... when the team was bound by something stronger than basketball.