KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — If you made your way to Market Square on Saturday, you may have noticed a lot of green.

"I do not want to get pinched," David Adams said. Adams and his family spent the day eating downtown.

The Shamrock Fest brought hundreds of people outside for a little music, culture, and food. 

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"We were walking around trying to find something to eat," Adams said. 

 But the day was about so much more than just food. John Mccaul works for the Knoxville Irish society and said Knoxville's celebration is something to be proud of.

"I've been to parades in Belfast and Dublin back in ireland, St. Patrick's Day and this is the exact same," he said.

And just a block or two over in Krutch Park people took part in the Cel-O'Braugh-tion.

"It's important to have a big family day out, that's what a lot of these events are about, if you're not catering to families its not a wholesome event," Mccaul said.

While most streets opened back up on Saturday after 10, there are a few that will remain closed until Monday.

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That includes Gay street at Union Ave., Union Ave. from Walnut St. to Gay St. and Market St. from Union St. to Clinch Ave.

Mccaul says regardless of those few hurdles, the St. Patrick's day spirit will continue on Sunday.

"It's important to include the Irish element land the American to have a fusion of everything Irish," he said.

For Mccaul and his wife, putting the two cultures together is super important.

"I'm a proud Irish man and my wedding anniversary is actually St. Patrick's Day so my wife and I got married last year," he said.

Although Mccaul's birthplace is thousands of miles away, he said he's found a home and a special celebration here in East Tennessee.

"It's something that should welcome everybody regardless of anything everybody should be welcome for all families," he said.