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10 Rising Hearts: Lizzy's Pocket Change Ministry aims to help the homeless

What started as a small idea by a young girl who could only give pocket change, has grown into a non-profit ministry helping the homeless.

CLINTON, Tenn. — As a high school freshman, Carla Hannah is busy, but the Anderson County teen doesn't let that stop her from her passion to help others.

As a young girl, she came up with the idea of a ministry to serve those in the homeless community.

It's called 'Lizzy's Pocket Change Ministry.'

"My middle name is Elizabeth. So I kind of shortened it. And then I always gave like what I could, so pocket change. I just gave what I had in my pocket," creator Carla Hannah said. 

Now, her efforts have grown into a non-profit. She fills bags with non-perishable food, hygiene items and notes of encouragement. About once a month, she loads up the bags and distributes them to the homeless community.

"They're very nice, and they're always very happy to like receive it and they're really thankful," Carla said. "It makes me happy, knowing that I can help other people."

Her giving nature makes her mother proud.

"I see it in her every day and her kindness and her heart for others at school, and everything. So it plays a role in everything else she does. She's kind of she's high-spirited one sometimes, but she's very quiet. so you won't know until you get to know her. and she'll sneak up and do kind things for people," Carroll Hannah said. "It really just touches it [my heart] in a way that it's indescribable that I know it's just God."

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This past month, the teen got students in her youth group to join in. Together they packed 150 bags that they prayed over and passed out.

"She's such a great example to other students here at our church," pastor Anthony Hamby said. "It's already pouring into community and show other students that people their age can actually pour in and do things and have their purpose and serve their purpose and live their purpose out."

If you'd like to donate to Lizzy's Pocket Change Ministry, you can follow this link.

Editor's note: This article was updated to correct the spelling of Lizzie to Lizzy.

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