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'Hungry to help' | Trey's Snack Shack serves up positivity in Powell

A young Powell entrepreneur has a heart for service and never strays away from offering up a smile with each snack sale at his mobile market.

POWELL, Tenn. — A young Powell entrepreneur is hungry to help others, so he's giving back while running Trey's Snack Shack.

For 21-year-old Trey Evans, there's nothing he loves more than his mom, cooking and being a bright spot for others. He was born with Down syndrome and has been a light in his family's lives from the beginning.

Evans is the welcoming committee in his neighborhood along Cranley Road.

"I'm grateful, kind and handsome," Evans said.

He's always ready with a wave, smile and the occasional joke. At the end of his driveway, he sits in front of Trey's Snack Shack, offering up everything from sweet to savory snacks. 

Everything he sells is either $1 or two for $1. While he handles the business side, it's not just all work and no play.

"It's fun for me to make more new friends," Evans said.

Evans' mom, Kellee Dugger, said the mobile market literally started as a dream.

"During COVID, Trey was unable to work," Dugger said. "Unfortunately, people with disabilities are the first people to lose their jobs when there are layoffs. My husband actually dreamed one night about building a food truck for Trey. He got up the next day and told Trey the idea. They were both really excited and started on it right away."

He set up shop this summer. Since then, he's been hungry to help.

"He always will be donating a portion of his profit to Powell High School Special Olympics," Dugger said. "Recently, he was at the Powell High School game and he donated all of his profits from that game to his friend, Darin, who's running for Powell High School homecoming for the Special Olympics at Powell."

Credit: Kellee Dugger

Since graduating from Powell in May 2021, Evans's purpose is to serve each customer.

"People are drawn to him and he loves people," Dugger said. "It can be 100 degrees out and he will sit out here all day. Whether the car stops or doesn't stop to see him, he will wave at everybody and smile. He loves it."

It's an attitude Evans gives away for free, while also learning how to be a businessman.

The community has really pitched in to help with the Snack Shack. Pizza Hoss in Powell donates ice, there have been other monetary donations, and more keeps rolling in.

Sponsors help keep the snack shack rolling, but it's the message behind the merch, Evans' family wants to keep going.

"I think that they should support Trey because he is showing everybody born with a disability or a different ability that they can contribute and be active members of the community," Dugger said.

Evans is proud to be who he is and shares a piece of himself with each picture. The eagle in his logo is a representation of the eagle tattoo on his shoulder.

Whether you're driving by or supporting on social media, Evans will keep living the dream.

One day, Evans would like to start his own full-blown food truck. 

If you would like to support Trey's Snack Shack, he posts where he will be set up each week on Facebook.

If you would like to donate, Trey's Venmo is Treyssnackshack. Donations can also be mailed to: Trey's Snack Shack 7821 Cranley Rd Powell, TN 37849.

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