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A new kind of classroom | YWCA giving virtual learners a new kind of classroom setting

Clayton Homes revamped a modular home where students can go to learn, giving them an in-person feel to learning.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The YWCA said that it is working to give students a new kind of learning environment as the school year starts.

Officials said that Clayton Homes is volunteering to help revamp a modular home from the early 2000s into a new kind of classroom.

The YWCA said they hope the revamped home would help students stay focused on learning, and that it will give them a comfortable environment to learn in.

"To be back in an environment where they will get the supervision that they need, they're going to get the support they need," said Monica Smith-Albright, Director of the Phyllis Wheatley Center. "We're going to work with our families so students can get back to learning."

The YWCA said they will welcome students free of charge.