A big donation to Wartburg Central High School is creating a discussion of fairness among community members and school officials.

Longtime local businessman and Central High alum Wayne Solomon left the school $4.5 million in his will, but Morgan County School Board of Education members are still deciding whether to accept or reject the money.

"There's always a possibility," Director of Schools Ronnie Wilson said. "I would not like to see that happen."

Students said the donation is more than necessary, even if it's only for one county school.

"They think it wouldn't be fair to the other schools in the county," Central High School senior Anthony Bray said. "We need desks in our school. Some of them are falling apart and they fall apart when people sit in them. We need textbooks desperately."

East Tennessee Foundation is currently in charge of Solomon's trust fund. Its CEO and president said he's never seen anyone reject an offer like this before.

"It would be awfully rare if a gift of this magnitude and just generosity of this size were turned down," Mike McClamroch said. "The good part is that if that were to happen, we would always have a plan B, so Mr. Solomon's desire to benefit this community would still happen. It would just happen in a different way."

Whether the board decides to accept or reject the donation, school board and community members said it would only benefit Central High students.

"We don't have a lot of money in Morgan County," Wilson said. "We don't have Walmarts and Krogers, Food Cities... We're really strapped for money, and anything would help."

The board could not make a final call at its workshop on Tuesday, but it will decide to accept or reject the money at its next meeting in January.

"From what I heard tonight, we're very encouraged that we are going to be able to honor Mr. Solomon's wishes," McClamroch said.