KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — On Thursday, students at West High School got to video conference into an AP Computer Science Principles course at Farragut High School. 

Brandy Finchum teaches the class each day before school officially starts.

"The official name is Quest," Finchum said. "They can basically Skype in or take online classes."

The 4-year-old program is district-wide, and each year a number of teachers from different schools apply to participate.

"There's still a lot of space for more students to be a part of it so we want to make sure this is an option for them," Finchum said.

Dylan Johnson is a sophomore at West High School and plans to pick a STEM related major when he goes to college.

"I just think it's so cool because I get to do something that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do here," Johnson said. "There are no teachers at my school."

AP Computer Science Principles is one of many classes being shared across Knox County Schools. Students can conference in on everything from English to history too. 

Zirui Zhou is a senior at Farragut High School where he's been able to learn JavaScript and other coding lessons.

 "I think it's nice because we get to have a connection with all these other High Schools," Zhou said.

Although the program started years ago, Finchum said there is always room for improvement and, of course, more students.

"I just want to affect my students and leave them knowing they can do anything," she said.