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Loudon County Schools welcomes students back on staggered schedule

The first day for Loudon County students with last names between A - G was Wednesday, and educators were happy to see them return.

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. — After a year filled with uncertainty and anxiety, schools welcome students back to Loudon County schools. They returned on a staggered schedule, and students with last names A-G returned to the classroom on Wednesday.

Officials said that schools were implementing some new programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They said that the pandemic revealed new emotional and social needs for students, and educators were working to help them however they could.

As students and teachers prepare for the start of the school year, some experts said that they could experience back-to-school anxiety. While many may have anxiety from routine school issues like grades and friends, they may also have COVID-19 related anxiety.

"Loudon High School is starting to address some of the social and emotional needs of our students this year, with more relationship building," said Mike Garren, the director of schools. "So they got some new initiatives they're doing in that area."

The first day for students with last names H-N was scheduled to be Aug. 5, with the rest of the students scheduled to have their first day on Friday. The official first day for all students was set for Monday.

Students at Loudon High School also had a new football field to look forward to this school year, as construction continues to complete it.