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Parental support helps students succeed with virtual learning, experts say

Experts said students can get tired of staying on Zoom from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. and that virtual learning can impact their grades if they don't have support.

Students across the U.S. are moving to virtual learning, and some are seeing their grades drop as they continue lessons through Zoom calls.

Experts said that many students are getting tired of staying online from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. As students spend more time away from school, they can get increasingly more frustrated with virtual learning.

However, experts said that support from parents can stop that frustration and help students succeed with their online lessons. They said parents should show their support in any way possible.

"We have to always give our kids, as parents, the message that 'we believe in you, we have hope for you and we are not giving up on you,'" said Sondra Wallace, a Mental Health Coalition coordinator. 

Wallace also recommended parents schedule dinner and family breaks into their kids' days and said parents should make sure those breaks are fun. The breaks should be an escape from school for a little while, to help destress after staring at a screen for hours.