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'Small, but mighty': How these 2nd-graders helped the 60 deaf students at their school

At Davis Elementary School, 60 students are deaf. 2nd graders made it their project to get "Deaf Children Near" street signs.

PLANO, Texas — Second-graders at Davis Elementary School saw the positive change they could make in the community on Monday.

For a class project, the children wrote letters to the City of Plano asking to make streets safer for deaf students. Every second-grader addressed a letter to the city manager explaining the importance of having "Deaf Children Near" signs surrounding their school. 

At Davis Elementary, there are 60 deaf children. 

Uzair Qurishi, 8, was born deaf. He can hear because of cochlear implants. But he said on windy days, he can't hear cars driving by. 

"We need it because the deaf children can get hurt," he said.

The city approved the proposals by the second-graders. The students even chose the design, wording, and location of the signs. 

"I tell them all the time, 'We are small, but mighty and we can do great things,'" 2nd-grade deaf education teacher Deborah Tubbs said,

On Monday, all the signs were installed surrounding Davis Elementary School. The students watched as it happened.

"I feel like I'm proud," Quirishi said.

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