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Stranger Danger: Teaching kids to be smart and cautious about strangers

Earlier this week, the KCSO sent out a warning about a stranger trolling around kids at school bus stops. Here are some tips on how to talk to your kids about it.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Parents in West Knox County said they're worried about a man seen trolling kids at school bus stops.

Earlier this week, the Knox County Sheriff's Office sent out a warning about an older white man seen driving a 1992 red Thunderbird with paint peeling off the hood and dents in the driver side door. 

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The man appeared to try and talk to children getting off the bus in several West Knox County neighborhoods, and even asked some of them to get in his car. 

Authorities said if you see that older man in a red Thunderbird call 911. 

Now, parents want to know more about how they can protect their children.

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Here are some tips on how to teach your kids to be both cautious and smart when dealing with strangers:

Tip #1: According to the National Crime Prevention Council, the first step is to help children recognize the warning signs of suspicious behavior that can include: When a stranger asks a child to disobey or do something without permission, asks them to keep a secret or makes them feel uncomfortable in any way. 

Tip #2: Another step parents can do to help is know where your child is at all times and make sure they have your cell or work number so they can reach you. 

Tip #3: Additionally, point out safe places: somewhere they can go if there's trouble like a trusted family, friend or neighbors' house, etc. 

Tip #4: Teach your kids it's ok to say "no" and be assertive if they feel unsafe. 

Tip #5: Encourage your children to play with other kids. There is safety in numbers. 

For more additional resources and information on how to talk to your kids about strangers, go to https://www.ncpc.org/.