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tnAchieves needs 126 more mentors in Knox County, around 3,000 volunteers across state

Officials with tnAchieves said that around 66% of the number of needed mentors have been recruited so far across Tennessee.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Officials with tnAchieves are looking for more people to apply to help students transition from high school to college in Knox County.

They said they are looking for 126 more mentors in the county so they can meet the total number they need to continue running the program effectively — 649 mentors.

Across Tennessee, tnAchieves said they only recruited 66% of the number of mentors they need. Each county has a specific number of mentors that the state needs and as of Nov. 1, only four counties have met their quota or are close to it.

Mentors help students participating in the program transition from high school to college. They can work with students virtually, or meet them in person in a public place. They usually help between five and ten high school seniors and spend around 1 hour per month helping them.

Anyone who wants to become a tnAchieves mentor can apply online. They will need to complete mentor training before being paired with students in the Class of 2022.