KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — After years of difficulties and tweaks, TNReady testing will roll out across the state Monday.

Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas said this year shows promise.

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"We are really hopeful this year is gonna be much smoother in terms of testing," Thomas said. 

To be sure he said the district put forth extra preparations this time around.

"There's been training this year for how to get on the platform and how to use it for testing," he said.

Only a number of schools will log on to the testing platform on Monday but that number will grow as the week goes on.

"If you look at the Monday through Wednesday schedule about a fourth of our schools will be testing," Thomas said.

Those tests will look different depending on the grade level. Thomas said with the exception of 5th grade, elementary students will use paper and pencil.

"But for grades six through 12 it will be online," he said.

Whether the test is on paper or online the Knox County Education Association president said students just need a little positivity.

"Always be optimistic, you're not measured by what that test says," President Tanya Coats said.

She encourages parents to make sure students are sleeping and eating enough.

"They are playing sports, they are playing academia after school so we have to be sure they get enough rest," she said.

This year's testing period will last about four weeks and Coats said she is just asking students to have a little faith in the process and in themselves.

"All hope is not lost because there is no winners and there is no losers," she said. "Do your best."