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Bullying and fighting in Union County Schools have parents concerned

Jessica Seibal is the parent of a 6th-grader in Union County and said a video of her daughter being attacked was published on an Instagram page.

UNION COUNTY, Tenn. — Students in Union County created Instagram accounts that regularly post videos of fights and bullying at schools across the district. Some parents said they are highly concerned about the accounts.

The director of schools said most reports of fighting and bullying are from Horace Maynard Middle School.

Jessica Seibal is the parent of a 6th-grader at the school and said a video of her daughter being attacked was published on an Instagram page. 

“She ended up getting attacked by a little girl. A video was taken, and it was posted online. Then there was online bullying,” said Seibel.

Jane Muncey also said that her 6th-grader has been bullied since he started going to Horace Maynard Middle School. 

“He's had bullying in the cafeteria, bullying in the hallway. And I've addressed it to the school several times,” said Muncey. 

These mothers said no matter how many times they've reported what is happening, the bullying and fighting do not seem to stop. 

“She's still to this day getting harassed by the same little girl,” said Seibel. 

Julius Jefferies, a mental health counselor, said ongoing bullying leads to mental health problems in the future. 

“Parents and teachers should take it seriously from the moment they hear about it. These children develop trauma, PTSD, anxiety, you have kids who don't want to go to school because of bullying,” said Jefferies.  

As Muncey is worried about her son's wellbeing, she says she is already making plans to homeschool next year. 

“Because my kid, my kid's mental health and everything is more important than, you know, anything,” she said. 

Jimmy Carter, the director of schools, released a letter this week saying he is aware of what is happening and moving forward, fighting and bullying will receive a three-day suspension from school.

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