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School safety so far ranks as top concern on 10News' back-to-school survey

Viewers across East Tennessee took the survey, and school safety was the top concern for many people.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn — In late July, 10News launched a survey and invited parents to share their perspectives, concerns and successes as students return to the classroom.

The survey also invited parents to share questions they may have about the upcoming school year so 10News could better report on ongoing issues related to the classroom.

As of Aug. 16 10News collected 70 answers from around East Tennessee, with most of the respondents from Knox County. Around a third of respondents said that they did not feel financially prepared for the school year, and 20 respondents said they felt "somewhere in the middle" between being financially prepared and not being able to afford the upcoming school year.

Almost two-thirds of respondents so far said they felt their child was on target in core subjects, while only eight respondents said they felt their child was ahead of their grade level.

Most notably, school safety and security were the top concern for most 10News viewers, while equity and inclusion were most commonly something they were least concerned about. The curriculum was usually among the top concerns 10News viewers said they had as well, along with preparedness for the next grade.

The availability of library materials was most commonly among 10News viewers' lowest-ranking concerns, along with social-emotional learning.

The survey is still available online for 10News viewers to participate in. To participate, parents can click this link and then scroll to the bottom, where there is a form they can fill out and submit. 

If you have trouble with the form, click here to access the survey.

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