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'We need each other' | Parents turn to Facebook groups for back-to-school help

As parents work to navigate a new normal for their students, more and more are leaning on Facebook communities for help.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — At the start of the pandemic many questioned how parents would navigate uncharted territory. 

For April Law, the answer was clear. They would do it together.

"To be able to reach out and be able to say idk what to do either is huge," she said. 

She started a Facebook group for parents to help create learning pods.

"It took off really quickly," she said. 

At the beginning it was really small. 

"I sent it to like 10 friend," she said. 

That was then. Now it has exploded. 

"Yea it took off really quickly," Law said. 

Now the heart of it is bigger than building pods.

"It makes my heart so happy to see," she said. 

It has grown to be a place where parents share the highs and the lows.

"They share the struggles that they're having and encourage each other," Law said.

In real-time parents can pose questions and solutions.

"Every once and a while someone comes along and has a great idea for a an issue that we've got and that's wonderful," she said. 

As a mom herself Law said that matters.

"The weight doesn't have to be on our sole shoulders." she said. 

As the uncertainty of the pandemic goes on Law said says one thing is for sure parents supporting parents will continue.

"To see people from all over Knox County come together with the common goal of trying to give our kids the best virtual experience possible is pretty awesome," she said. 

Law encourages KCS parents with virtual students to reach out to the group if they need guidance or a group to lean on. 

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