KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — He hopes everyone has fun!

That was Garth Brooks' biggest message the night before he plays live before 80,000 or so screaming fans in Neyland Stadium.

"Size matters," he jokes, talking about how big Neyland is and how many excited fans we'll be with him in the stadium.

"This is going to be fun no matter what," he said. "We can handle the cold, just hope it stays dry!"

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He wants fans to have the time of their life.

Despite chilly temperatures, it's likely no one will feel the cold once the show gets going. He says it's not really about him. It's about the fans and how they unite with him in the music.

"Three minutes in, you'll stop watching the stage. Everyone's all in," he said, saying the fans that come to his show are the best in the world.

He says he knows everyone comes wanting to hear Friends in Low Places, Thunder Rolls, and Shameless. But its another song that he loves most to play in stadiums.

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"One that's going to be a favorite that never pops into their head is Calling Baton Rouge," he promised. "It's fantastic, catches people off guard."

And it's not just him that will be performing, and he loves that part.

"Such a cool moment when fans take over Unanswered Prayers. It's a religious moment," he said. 

He said his all-time favorite Garth song was The Dance.

He wouldn't confirm whether or not he'll sing Rocky Top (sure he will!) but said he's performed it many times while he was on the bluegrass circuit starting out, he just hadn't in a long time.

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He was asked about any special guests that may join him for the show, but if there are any other than opening act Jon Pardi, he's not talking, so we'll have to wait and see.

He did say he was a little rusty because he hasn't performed in eight weeks but said he knows it will take him about 15 seconds to get going, once that crowd gets into it.

"This place is going to be loud, fun, it's the end of our first year, our guys are pumped and really excited to be here, go out with a bang," he said.

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Brooks also talked about taking a solo walk on campus and stopping by one of his favorite places-- Gus's Good Times Deli. It also gave him a chance for what he insists is still a pretty cool moment even for a superstar--- seeing his name on the building.

He hopes fans leave his show thinking one thing.

"Garth Brooks is a lot more than one, heavy white guy that plays country music. Hope they say he's an experience," he said.