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Knoxville — “Drum Corps is the synthesis of a high level of musicianship and a high level of physical activity.”

Sarah Bowden is the Horn Sergeant of The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps… And a former Drum Major of the Maryville High School Marching Band.

“Our visual staff likes to say ‘Carnegie Hall up here and Cadillac down here’ so you have to march very well and play very well at the same time", says Bowden.

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Thursday night, she will be performing in front of her hometown crowd.

Having a show so close to home means that more East Tennesseans will get to see Drum Corps, which is exciting to Sara.

Now that the Cadets are in Vol country, the corps started their day with some Rocky Top… And in true Volunteer fashion, Black Oak Heights Baptist Church donated food for lunch.

Scott Litzenberg is the new director of The Cadets… And a proud alumni of the program.

“Having a chance to come back now and give back to this program and do what I do for them is pretty overwhelming. I’m very blessed to get a chance to do this", says Litzenberg.

His favorite part of this activity is watching the performers grow and succeed and every day.

And his performers agree.

“We’re making human emotion out of sound waves, if you think about it. I’m just blowing air through a giant metal tube but it makes people excited and it makes people feel something and that’s what I love about Drum Corps", says Bowden.