KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — Prosecutors in DA Charme Allen’s Child Abuse Unit obtained multiple convictions against a foster father who sexually abused a minor female. 

David Lynn Richards, Jr., 41, was convicted of sexual battery by an authority figure, rape, statutory rape by an authority figure, sexual activity involving a minor and incest, according to a release from the district attorney's office. 

Judge Steve Sword revoked the Defendant’s bond and set the case for sentencing on March 28.

During the four-day trial, officials explained that in December 2011, Richards began raping and sexually molesting a girl, who was fourteen at the time. 

The abuse continued for two years until the victim disclosed what was happening to her high school guidance counselor, according to authorities. 

That day, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office led the investigation that recovered DNA from the victim’s bed, according to officials. 

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it was able to confirm the DNA sample belonged to Richards. 

Officers also discovered that as soon as the victim disclosed the abuse, Richards tried to destroy evidence of his crime by resetting his phone, remotely resetting the victim’s phone and washing the sheets on the victim’s bed, according to authorities.

Authorities say rape is a Class B felony carrying a punishment from eight to twelve years. Sexual battery by an authority figure, statutory rape by an authority figure and incest are Class C felonies carrying a punishment from three to six years in prison. 

At the hearing in March, prosecutors will seek consecutive sentencing and ask for the maximum sentence possible.