(WCYB) - The Greeneville Reds minor league baseball team was on its way to a game in Bristol when team members witnessed a deadly crash Friday night.

According to a Tennessee Highway Patrol report, 49-year-old John Buck, Jr. was traveling north on I-81 when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed the median, struck another car and rolled over.

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"There was probably about six or seven people already there trying to do what they could to try to push it over, but the car was too heavy,” pitching coach Chad Cordero said. “They needed more help."

As soon as it happened, the team manager decided to stop. Players tried to roll the car back over but couldn't.

Cordero said both vehicles were on fire. First baseman Justin Bellinger grabbed the fire extinguisher from the team's bus to put it out.

Justin Rocke, the team's play-by-play commentator, said he doesn't know how they played the game last night. When they arrived, he describes them as being pale, shocked, and just going through the motions.

No one on the team wanted to talk on camera. They are all still shaken up by what happened. The Cincinnati Reds are sending a psychologist to help.

"It's still tough,” Cordero said. “We're still trying to process it, but I know I didn't fall asleep until almost 6 o'clock this morning."

The team's coaches are proud of how their team reacted.

"It's a testament to how they were raised, to their families growing up,” Cordero said. “When you see someone who needs help, you don't hesitate. You get off and you do whatever you need to do to help that individual."

The Greeneville Reds headed back to Bristol for a game again Saturday night. They traveled on the same stretch of interstate where the crash happened.