Authorities are still searching for a man who disappeared during a treasure hunt for a box purportedly filled with gold and jewels that was hidden by a wealthy art dealer.

Eric Ashby, 31, was last seen in June. His sister says he moved to Colorado in hopes of finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure – a search that led to the Arkansas River on June 28.

He hasn’t been seen since.

“Eric was attempting to swim across the Arkansas River, which I fully believe with all my heart he was looking for the treasure and met his fate that day,” his friend Dave Grambell said.

Ashby wouldn’t be the first to risk his life searching for the treasure.

Since the millionaire art dealer first revealed its existence eight years ago, the hunt has gained national media attention. Thousands of people have gone searching for what’s been referred to as $2 million in gold coins and jewels.

Last year, a hiker was found in New Mexico’s backcountry searching for the treasure.

Last month, police asked Fenn to call off the hunt after a Colorado pastor died while searching.

Fenn turns 87 in August and says he has repeatedly urged those looking for the treasure to be careful.

Fremont County investigators say they have found a body just east of Florence on Monday in the Arkansas River and they’re working to determine if it’s Ashby.

An autopsy is underway.