Becky Kraslawsky found out she had breast cancer Feb. 25, 2015. Doctors diagnosed her with Invasive Ductile Carcinoma, HER2 positive. 

“Which is kind of like putting your foot on the gas pedal, which is why we started so quickly," said Becky. She started chemotherapy and had two surgeries over the next year.

“We did not mess around," she said.

Becky has been married to her husband Peter for 22 years, and they have two daughters, Sydney, 17, and Macy, 14.

“Obviously never saw this coming. There’s no history of breast cancer in our family so it just kind of came out of nowhere," said Sydney. 

Becky and her husband said they learned so much about their daughters during the hardest year of their lives. Macy was the "guard," meaning she let people in to see her mom. Sydney was Becky's "love," meaning she helped with kitchen duties and made sure her sister was where she needed to be.

Through the treatment, the Kraslawskys made sure to laugh, even through the toughest parts. 

"We had multiple parties and celebrated little milestones," said Becky. "We had a big party when we shaved my hair. I had the Dorothy Hamill. I had a mohawk, so I had all kinds of different things. So I think along the way we just tried to celebrate and be silly when we had the energy.”

Becky has been done with treatment for more than a year and is encouraging women to take control of their health.

She found her breast cancer at her first mammogram when she turned 40. When she got the call that something might not be right, she did a self exam and felt something. Doctors confirmed it was cancer.

“I can’t keep cancer too far away. I also have friends who say this is who you are, this is your story now. So I’ve kind of had to journey through that a little bit," she said.

Peter says cancer really put life into perspective for the family. They learned what was important, and when to say no. 

“Mother’s Day is important. Their birthdays are important. Gosh, Saint Patrick’s Day is important. We dressed up. It’s just live life to the fullest and love people dearly and passionately," said Becky.