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City of Greeneville going back to Phase 1 of reopening plan

With cases going up, leaders decided it would be best for the community to move back from Phase 3 of reopening to Phase 1.

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. — Town of Greeneville officials operated under phase 3 since late May. They reverted to phase 2 just last week, and will now reenter phase 1 on Monday, July 13.

"I hope it's a short-lived phase 1. I really do," said City Administrator Todd Smith. He said it's a necessary move because of positive and active coronavirus cases on the rise in Greene County.

We asked how reentering phase 1 will exactly look like. "Town hall will be closed up. Our parks and recreations facilities will be closed up. So, for the general public, that's the biggest difference you are going to see for town activities," said Smith.

Town staff will work in split shifts, and work from home as able. The public is encouraged to call or email if in need of town assistance. However, appointments for in-person meetings can still be arranged.

"Just trying to get folks at home, away from people and not spreading this virus anymore," said Smith.

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Other cities across Tennessee are experiencing a spike, especially in hospitalizations. "We are starting to see some increases in the Knoxville and Chattanooga markets, as well as Jackson and Tri-Cities. So, pretty much every large hospital system in this state is having growing numbers of COVID patients," Dr. Lisa Piercey, the state health commissioner.

"I hope the numbers can correct themselves to go back to a place where we can quickly step into phase 2 and phase 3 again. But you never know, and so we want to be proactive," said Smith.

The public is strongly encouraged to wear masks.

Greeneville police, fire deparments and garbage pick-up will still continue services as usual.