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How to make sure your elderly loved ones feel special during isolation

Whether you're calling, texting, sending a letter or standing outside their window with a sign, a kind gesture can go a long way.

People are getting creative to make elderly loved ones on lockdown feel special. Family members are checking in and sharing major life events through closed windows in nursing homes that closed due to COVID-19 concerns.

Even if the older adults in your life aren't in a nursing home, it's still important to check in with them and make them feel loved while they are confined to their homes.

But how can you make sure they get the message you're thinking about them and they're loved while being apart?

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First, you can get old-fashioned and write them a handwritten note to tell them how much you're thinking about them.

Getting a letter in the mail equals instant happiness.

You could even get more high-tech by teaching your grandparents or parents to FaceTime. It's an easy way they can see your face, make sure you're okay and vice versa.

There are also gadgets sold by Amazon and Google where video calling is made easy. You've seen the emotional commercials advertising them.

If video chatting isn't your thing, you can always just pick up the phone and call or text them. Words go along way.

You can keep up with them on social media. Post, send a message and share some uplifting words to their wall.

You can also return the favor for all the meals they cooked for you over the years and bring groceries or a freshly cooked dish to their doorstep so they don't have to cook or get out.

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The same goes for anything they might need, including medications. Pick those up for them and bring them to their home.

If all else fails, make a sign and stand outside their window so you really get the message across that they're on your mind.

All in all, just make sure they feel loved and you are checking on them to see how they're feeling, making sure they're healthy, happy and all their concerns are addressed.

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