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Knoxville healthcare worker contracts symptomatic COVID case after getting vaccine

Almost two months after getting the second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, Carrie Norris contracted the virus leading to an ER visit.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — For one Knoxville woman getting the COVID-19 vaccine hasn’t meant immunity.

"I actually came home and vomited. And then I was like OK, there's something wrong and I messaged a doctor of mine and they suggested I go to the ER," said Carrie Norris

What Carrie Norris, a frontline healthcare worker at a Knoxville hospital, found out next stunned her.

Spanish Version: Trabajadora de la salud en Knoxville da positivo a COVID luego de recibir la vacuna

"I decided there's something going on I could have COVID, so I decided to make an appointment and got tested and sure enough I was positive," Norris said.

A diagnosis that came after receiving both does of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, which has shown 95% efficacy.

"I got my initial vaccination on December 18. And then my second one January 8," Norris said.

Norris, experiencing many of the symptoms, associated with the virus 

“Monday morning began to have pain and my irritated lungs and my eyes hurt so bad and just general fatigue," she said.

This comes days after the CDC changed its guidance for those vaccinated, allowing them to gather together without masks, but doctors say this is expected.

"None of the vaccines are 100% effective, what they have been 100% effective in is preventing the serious illness," said Dr. Bill Smith, CEO of AMR Knoxville.

"There is an occasional case of COVID in someone that's been vaccinated, this is no reason to not get vaccinated," Dr. Smith said.

Carrie said don’t do what she did and let your guard down just because you have been vaccinated.

"We still need to keep ourselves protected. We still need to wear our masks and social distance," Norris said.

Norris is currently still recovering from the virus, overall, she said she would describe her symptoms as mild. At last check, she said she’s feeling well and was able to go on an over 2-mile walk on Saturday.

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