Last week, the East Tennessee Children's Hospital had 155 flu cases. It had 614 positive cases for the season as a whole.

Yet, in most cases, doctors say that children should see their regular doctor instead of going to the hospital. Pediatricians can spend more time with children to make sure they only have the flu and can prescribe the same treatment without risking infections from going to an emergency room.

"If they're unstable, they're lethargic to less than three wet diapers, unresponsive, or are working really hard to breathe, then it would be appropriate to bring them into the ER," Mit Patel said, a doctor with East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

The CDC said that flu activity is widespread in East Tennessee with thousands of people showing flu-like symptoms.

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The hospital is also offering medical masks at check-in to help prevent the flu from spreading. It is also asking anyone who visits the hospital to make sure they are vaccinated.