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Community shows love and support for health care workers in East Tennessee

Since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, East Tennesseans have stepped up to show a little extra care and love to health care workers.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The last couple of weeks have been difficult, especially for those on the front lines working to heal those with COVID-19. But East Tennesseans wanted to share their love for healthcare workers in hopes that it would give whoever needed it the courage to keep moving forward.  

From car honks and signs to tears and waves, people showed overwhelming support for workers at Parkwest Medical Center on March 27 during a prayer vigil.

"We're all here to make sure that happens," Miriam Johnston said, a registered nurse. 

People from all over East Tennessee honked their horns and flashed their lights to show love for the workers coming in and out of the surgical entrance. Johnston sat and watched the lights in awe. 

"It's light-dark because even though there is darkness all around us, there is still light, " she said. 

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On Friday, workers at East Tennessee Children's Hospital were surprised by the sound of music. As the sound radiated around the hospital, workers stood outside to soak up the magic.

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If you've driven passed a hospital lately or scrolled through Facebook you may have seen a "we love you sign" posted outside of places like UT Medical Center, LeConte Medical Center and Parkwest Medical Center.

South High Senior Living left many of the signs and kind messages by the medical facilities. Hospitals later posted the pictures to their Facebook pages.

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However the kindness doesn't end there. On Friday, Starbucks workers delivered treats to Parkwest Medical Center.

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New Hope Church is Kodak also gathered at LeConte Medical Center on Friday to pray and provide some encouragement for those hard at work.

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This offers only a snapshot of the support East Tennessee has shown and continues to show to health care workers, and the hope they're finding to get them through the outbreak of COVID-19.