KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Nearly 1,873 people have died from the novel coronavirus, and that statistic continues to grow as the number of infected has risen beyond 70,000.

Almost half of China's population is facing travel restrictions and different levels of quarantine. The latest count shows 73,325 cases worldwide.

Two of those cases are people from East Tennessee. They're among a group of infected Americans who caught the virus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.

"I just want him off the boat and I want him to be in a good quarantine camp where he's not continually exposed," said Dr. Jeff Hopland, whose parents are still in Japan.

Dr. Arnold Hopland and Jeanie Hopland are waiting to come home.

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"My dad is currently quarantined on the boat and my mom is in the hospital with coronavirus," he said.

Arnold said he and Jeanie "are feeling well and are generally unconcerned" with their health.

While Jeanie waits for clearance in the hospital, Arnold is confined to his cruise ship cabin "for another two weeks unless we have an additional evacuation flight to rescue us."

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The family's biggest concern is that the cruise ship isn't a hospital, and the virus is spreading there.

"As soon as it starts spreading, then it's no longer a quarantine," said Jeff. "That means it's just incubation. They're just keeping those people locked up and they're spreading it among each other."

Coronavirus can spread between people who are in close contact, as far as about six feet away from each other.

The Hoplands' ocean-view cabin on the Diamond Princess is around 200 square feet. That's about the size of a one-car garage.

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Jeff worries his dad could be the next diagnosis.

"I think if he stays on the boat, I think it is spreading around the boat and I think the odds would be good," he said.

While the Hoplands wait in limbo, a couple from Grainger County just got back to the U.S. after being exposed to the coronavirus on the same cruise ship.

They're at a quarantine camp in Nebraska because one of them tested positive for coronavirus.

Their daughter said her parents aren't showing any symptoms, but she's glad they're back in the country for treatment.

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Both these couples will remain quarantined for 2 weeks after they test negative for the virus.