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East Tennesseans find creative ways to relieve stress for National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday was National Stress Awareness Day, so we took a look at what people were up to.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Anxious? Stressed? Tired? People across the U.S. have been flooded with election coverage for more than 24 hours since Election Day. In reality, it's been weeks of coverage leading up to Tuesday night. 

Wednesday happened to be National Stress Awareness Day, and East Tennesseans were finding new ways to reduce stress after a long time of nothing but it.

There's nothing more peaceful than getting outside and taking a breath of fresh air. A lot of people were out enjoying the weather at Concord Park in Farragut. 

"We like to get out and escape everything for a bit," said one man who was walking around the park with his family. 

"This is one of my favorite parks, you have to have water. It's soothing," said another who was walking his dog, enjoying the scenery. 

Many were taking strolls around parks for some tranquility. 

Others relieved their stress through old-fashioned sweat, exercise and work-outs.

"There's just been a lot going on in the world from the election to everything else," one person said.

Trails at parks or at Ijams off the perfect spot to get away, but if some people's kind of stress relief comes in the form of letting it all out. Axe-throwing may be the way to go for some people. There are a few locations around Knoxville that offer the activity. 

If you need to smash things and do it safely, Nashville and Johnson City have businesses that offer that stress-relieving activity. 

To top it off, while some folks may be shying away from some sweet treats at the end of the day, others are ready to dig in.

"Gotta watch that … still trying to be disciplined," said one man. 

"We might have to stop and get some ice cream too," said another. 

All with the same reminder to take care of themselves, their mental health and each other. 

"We need to stay together," many people said.

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