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Tool from Georgia Tech can help families plan safe Thanksgiving dinners

Event Risk Assessment tool helps determine COVID-19 risk of someone infected being at your event.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —
Are you wondering how risky it is to have a group of people over for Thanksgiving or go visit a relative out of town?

Georgia Tech's COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment planning tool can help you figure out what is the best option for you. 

"Even when you are being as careful as careful, it could still happen," said Maurice Williams, Memphis resident.

Williams is concerned about COVID this Thanksgiving. Williams personally knows 21 people who have died from COVID-19.  In lieu of a large family sit down Thanksgiving dinner, dinner will be taken to go.

"They are just going to pass thru get everything they want on their plates and knowing my family they will take 2 , as they go spend time with daddy," said Williams.

His 83 year-old dad will be sitting on the porch.

"He will be outside. he will have his mask on they will have their mask on and everyone will have a chance to see him without us having to sit around and eat in the house," said Williams.

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While Williams is making Thanksgiving to go plates, many people will be sitting down for a traditional meal.

"A Thanksgiving dinner you are in very close quarters you can't necessarily mingle around the room a bit and keep your distance as well, you are usually sitting at a table," said Clio Andris, Georgia Tech Professor.

 Andris said Georgia Tech's COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment tool will break down by location and party size the risk of someone at your event being infected with COVID 19.

 For example, in Shelby County, for a party of 10 there is a 25% chance that someone attending the event is infected with COVID-19. For a group of 25 , the risk goes up to 50 %. The site is updated in real time and assess counties across the United States.

"If you're planning on traveling away from your area, that extra information is really valuable. If you have visitors coming into your area from other locations in the United States you can kind of get a pulse on how things are going there," said Andris.

Andris said if you are going to celebrate this year, it is not  best not to go house to house, " You want to really limit the  people you are interacting with. "

As for Williams,  he's praying his to go style dinner will keep everyone safe and still allow for a quick socially distanced safe visit with his father.
"I believe it's going to work Jen,  I really do.  I'm excited they are all excited because no one has been around daddy since March."