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How to eat healthier and stay hydrated this New Year

Experts say the key to healthy eating is what's on your plate and simplicity is key.

In this New Year, many are looking to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

With all of the diets and trends out there, it can be tricky to know where to start. 

Maintaining a healthy diet can give you more energy and strengthen your body.

Nurse Stella Mouzon with Parkwest Center for Bariatric Surgery said making these lifestyle changes requires consistency and discipline.

Experts say the key to healthy eating is what's on your plate and simplicity is key.

Most healthy diets or programs rely on the same things: whole foods. 

Lean protein, vegetables, fruit and some complex carbs. 

Half of your plate should be vegetables and some fruit, a quarter should be lean protein and a quarter whole grains.

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Mouzon said when it comes to drinking water, aim for 64 ounces each day but be sure to consult with your doctor about the changes you should make this year. 

"Sometimes it's hard getting all of the vitamins that you need, even when you're on a good diet," said Mouzon. "I always recommend that you check with your physician to see if you need a multivitamin or a specific kind of supplement." 

For many, creating a healthy lifestyle doesn't happen overnight. 

"If you have a bad day where you've kind of fallen," Mouzon said.  "Don't let that discourage you. Everyday is a new day."

Another way to make sure you stick to you diet is to swap an unhealthy habit with a healthy one, Mouzon said. 

For example, swap the soda for more water or cut back on processed food, especially those with added sodium and sugar.

When you're eating at a restaurant, order a side salad, take it easy on the bread bowl or split the dessert. 

And it's never too early to start good habits. 

Mouzon said parents should be an example for kids at home. 

Try new recipes and let them help where they can in the kitchen. 

Mouzon said diet and exercise goes hand in hand so don't forget to move!