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It's sunny outside for the first time in forever and maybe we'll all be okay

The sun is a powerful star. It keeps us all alive. When you go days without seeing it, things can get a little sad.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The world is weird right now. There's a virus spreading. The stock markets are crashing. People are stuck inside their homes and on edge for a lot of reasons.

To top it all off, people in East Tennessee haven't seen the sun in what feels like 20 years.

That changed on Wednesday when we finally got a glimpse of that blue sky we all know and love.

"It's very important. I think sometimes we forget how important it is until we don't have it around as much and then we're like 'okay I need the sun back again,'" said licensed professional therapist Melissa Rose.

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Rose said that peak of a clear day can have a big effect on your mood and how you're feeling.

"Less exposure to natural light, more time indoors and less activity. Those things can lead to a more depressed mood," said Rose.

She said staying active is also important, and that's easier to do with the sun out. Kids especially need to be active for at least an hour a day. Take advantage of this nice weather and get that play time outside.

If the sun still isn't enough to calm your nerves and keep that pandemic stress at bay, that's okay. 

You're not alone.

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"This time is new for all of us and it's gonna impact us all in different ways, in new ways," said Rose. "We really have to give ourselves grace and be patient with ourselves."

But even if you don't feel it, the sun can help.

If you're reading this and it's not the middle of the night, now's the time.

Go outside. Breathe the fresh air. Enjoy this moment of peace.