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Mental Health Mondays: How to take a free mental health screening

It's online, free and anonymous to do a mental health check-in with yourself. Since the pandemic started, four times as many people have completed screenings.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Mental Health Association of East Tennessee revealed the number of people taking mental health screenings have increased four-fold this year compared to last. 

They blame that spike in COVID-19.

Experts see it as an encouraging sign that more people are seeking help.

A mental health illness is sometimes harder to identify from the outside looking in, but getting answers and mental health help can be as easy as a few clicks on a mental health screening.

"The best way to find out if you need mental health care is to take a free, anonymous mental health screen and get your results and then you can go to your doctor or you can call the call center and we can help you find a doctor," Ben Harrington, the CEO of the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee said.

Harrington explained how before the the pandemic, about 200 people took the free screenings each month. Now, they're averaging about 900.

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"Since COVID, a number of people becoming much more stressed and fearful and anxious has risen substantially, and so that has actually driven more people towards needing to get an answer to what troubles them," Harrington nodded.

Here's how it works:

  • Go to mhaet.com
  • Click on "take a screening"
  • Choose which test option relates most to you:
    • Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis Test, Eating Disorder Test, PTSD Test, Parent Test, Youth Test, Addiction Test, Treatment Survey, Postpartum Depression, Healthcare Worker Survey and Work Health Survey
  • Answer each question on the page
  • At the end, the results and next steps pop up

"A mental health condition is just as treatable, if not more treatable, than a medical condition," Harrington encouraged.

If you're struggling to keep your head above water, seek help. Not everyone has to see a therapist, but it's important to talk to someone in your life about what you're feeling.

 You don't have to fight alone.

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Mental Health Mondays is a weekly series at WBIR in partnership with Mental Health Associates of East Tennessee. The purpose is to encourage you to do weekly mental health check-ins and reach out to your loved ones.

We at WBIR are using this as a reminder to reach out to our loved ones too.

MHAET offers unique support in types of programs and services. It's an educational organization, providing the community with an array of programs. 

They offer a peer recovery mental health call center. It's a Judgement-free zone where the operators are extensively trained. 

The organization also offers free mental health screenings online so you can check in with yourself. It's free and anonymous. Only you get to see the results.

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