As coronavirus spreads across the U.S., companies and communities are takings steps to promote social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Kroger and Publix said they are installing Plexiglas at cash registers to keep cashiers separate from customers, to protect them both from catching coronavirus.

Installations will begin Saturday at Publix. Officials with Kroger said the company will begin installing Plexiglas starting this week, starting with its Pacific Northwest stores.

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Kroger also said that within the next several weeks, all lanes would have Plexiglas installed to keep people separated, including pharmacy counters and Starbucks counters. The company also said that it would install educational floor decals to teach customers about social distancing. 

After several areas across the U.S. began issuing safer at home orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus, people flocked to grocery stores for supplies.

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Kroger and Publix both said they wanted to keep customers safe as they shop. Coronavirus is mostly spread through particulates in the air, such as when a person coughs. However, new research has shown that it can also live on surfaces.

As long as customers take proper precautions, like washing their hands and keeping away from others, they should be fine to run to the grocery store for another roll of paper towels and some more bread! 

The new Plexiglas is just one more step companies are taking to keep people safe.