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Tampons may be harder to come by and more expensive

The price of tampons in the store is getting higher and higher. Experts said that the price of tampons has increased by nearly 10%.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — When people walk down the feminine care aisle in stores, they may not be able to find many tampons.

It's getting harder to put tampons on the shelves, and experts warned it could impact East Tennessee community organizations that provide feminine health products for people in need, like YWCA Knoxville & the Tennessee Valley.

"I've noticed a low stock, definitely period products in general. Not only tampons and pads as well,” said Corzo, the director of communications at the YWCA. "I don't know if there's something also going on with shipping and transporting."

Experts say various things are causing the shortage. Fewer people are filling positions to make and ship tampons. They also said the cost of raw materials and transportation is rising.

The YWCA provides feminine care products to women in their shelters. Corzo said that as of right now, they have menstrual cycle products available, but since the tampon shortage is expected to last a while, there are some concerns. 

"If this is not something that gets figured out within the next couple of months, this could very easily impact our organization as well," she said.

Experts said that the price of tampons has increased by nearly 10% for average consumers. 

Corzo says the high prices and the shortage could impact women who experience what is called "period poverty" the most. 

"For example, some of these women may either have to choose between food or period products for that particular month," she said.

Tennessee has a tax on tampons, but they will be lifted during a 30-day tax-free holiday in grocery stores.

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