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A new museum will recognize two Knoxville native artists — Joseph and Beauford Delaney

Back in the 20th century, the Delaney brothers were known as some of the greatest modern artists. Beauford Delany took his artistic talents to Paris, France.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A Knoxville museum plans to shine the light on two Knoxville native brothers, Joseph and Beauford Delaney. Back in the 20th century, they were known as some of the greatest modern artists.

The restoration of the only remaining ancestral home of the Delaney family will preserve history, becoming the future Delaney Museum at the Beck Cultural Center. It was built in 1910, and the Delaney home still stands to this day.

"Beauford Delaney is known as one of the world's greatest art is probably many will argue the greatest of the 20th century," said Beck Cultural Exchange Center president, Renee Kesler.

Brothers Joseph and Beauford Delaney paved the way for future creators with their art. The duo made their way to New York. But, Beauford would go on to bring his talents to Paris, France.

"There was a great exhibition in Paris, France a few years ago. All they kept talking about was Beauford Delaney in this little place called Knoxville, Tennessee," Kesler said. "Nobody knew anything Knoxville, Tennessee back then."

From that point on, the Beck center realized it was time to shine a light on the Delaney brother's historical advances. The future museum will showcase the brothers' historical art pieces and memorabilia. 

It's also providing a space for future artists too.

"We will have an artist-in-residence studio apartment upstairs so we can bring artists from all over the world to share the gifts as Joseph and Beauford did," Kesler said.

Kesler said the Beck Center has enough money to start the museum's construction and bring the home back to old home back to life.

The Delaney Museum's groundbreaking event is on Aug. 30.  

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