Could you go a week without technology and contact with the outside world? What about 24 hours?

Many homebound senior citizens in our community live every day without technology and no real contact to the outside world.

Connecting Hearts: Grocery items for seniors in need

To shed light on their struggle, this week on Channel 10, reporter Stephanie Haines lives in total isolation.

Her apartment was stripped of all technology.

Here's what we took:

She didn't have a laptop, a tablet, or an iPhone. Her internet was also taken away... yes, that means she can't stream Netflix or Hulu!

So, what did she have?

She could watch TV but only over the air. (Obviously, she watched Channel 10 the entire time!)

Stephanie was given a flip phone for emergencies but it couldn't connect to the internet and she wasn't allowed to text anyone. She stocked up on groceries for the week.

She had a small camera to record her experiences each day. Stephanie will post a blog and vlog, or video blog, each day sharing how she is doing as she explores what it is like living alone, with no contact to the outside world. She hand wrote her blog and when she came out of isolation, she typed up her handwritten blog.