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Kentucky now allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit

People in Kentucky no longer need a license to carry concealed weapons.

Carrying a concealed weapon no longer requires a license in Kentucky.

A new constitutional carry law took effect on June 28 that applies to anyone 21 years of age or older -- saying anyone who is legally qualified to carry a firearm can conceal carry without a permit or safety training.

The change occurred after state lawmakers passed Senate Bill 150, which removed the requirement for a concealed carry deadly weapon permit.

Kentucky is the 16th state to pass such a law.

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Keep in mind the law only applies within Kentucky. Concealed weapons laws vary from state to state, so it's the responsibility of gun owners to check state laws. If you are traveling to a state that requires a permit and want to conceal carry -- you still need to have one.

Kentucky State Police will continue to issue and renew licenses to carry concealed weapons for those who apply and meet the qualifications. 

For more information about the law, including information about obtaining a license, head to http://kentuckystatepolice.org/ccdw/.


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