On December 29th, Knoxville Fire Captain D.J. Corcoran learned that his son, Pierce Corcoran, was killed in a car accident. Capt. Corcoran was working a second job in Memphis and had no means of transportation to get back home. That's when firefighters from across the state stepped in to help.

In a letter sent to several media organization on Saturday, he describes his journey back to East Tennessee to be with his family.

"It is with the deepest sense of pride that I write this letter. My name is D.J. Corcoran, I am a captain with the Knoxville Fire Department. My 22 year old son Pierce was killed in a traffic accident December 29, 2018 when a man crossed the center line hitting my son head-on in Knoxville.  A second job required me to be in Memphis on that fatal day, with no formal means of transportation. Firefighters across the state quickly learned of my dilemma from our department’s chief, Stan Sharp and Local 65 president, Kevin Faddis. Within minutes, Memphis firefighter Matthew Tomek arrived at my hotel to retrieve me and begin the treck across the state. As we neared the halfway point between Memphis and Nashville, another group of firefighters from Nashville, Mark Young & F.F. Addis intercepted our vehicle and took me further east until we met my immediate KFD family, A.C. Brent Seymour & A.C. Steve Mitchell whom took me to my home. The kindness my fellow firefighters from across this beautiful state showed me and my family at such a difficult time in our lives was incredible! The quick thinking coordination to accomplish this task is a true testament to firefighters willingness and compassion not only during emergencies responses but taking care of our own. I am proud to be a part of such a loving organization of men and women that show this type of love to someone they’ve never met. The only words I have are THANK YOU! Memphis F.D., Nashville F.D. and Knoxville F.D. I love you brothers!"

His son, Pierce Corcoran was killed when a truck veered into oncoming traffic and struck his Honda Civic head-on. 

44-year-old Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo now faces one count of Criminally Negligent Homicide. He is currently being held for immigration and customs enforcement.