KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — On International Women's Day the next generation of female leaders is already embracing girl power in the classroom.

"I have a lot of confidence in myself being a girl," said Malyia Nelson, a third grade student at South Knoxville Elementary School.

Her school is all about girl power, even among the boys.

"I think that overall that the women have done more than we have done," said third grader Chase Sullivan.

For Malyia, Chase and the rest of Mrs. Ramsey's third grade class, International Women's Day isn't about picking sides.

"I like being a girl because I can express myself," said third grader Harper McAdoo.

"I like being a girl because nobody gets to judge me for who I am," said third grader Anakalia Rodriguez.

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This day is about celebrating what they know to be true.

"They're just as equal as we are and they deserve no worse than we do," said Chase.

"If everybody's equal, everybody has more smiles on their faces," said third grader Catie Luster.

They're studying historical women in class right now and have some good female role models.

Moms, sisters, teachers, friends and Amelia Earhart were all talked about.

"They teach me that I can do whatever I want," said Anakalia.

The girls and boys in this class work together every day, and have some thoughts on equality they'd like to share.

"They should not judge them just because they're girls, and girls can do just as much things as boys can," said third grader Zach Householder.

"It doesn't matter who you are, you can still work together if you're a girl or a boy," said Malyia.

"Don't listen to what other people say about you and your gender," said Catie.

On International Women's Day, and every day, they have some advice.

"Don't let anybody change you," said Harper.