(WBIR - KNOX COUNTY) A Knox County school board candidate has filed a complaint with the IRS alleging that the President of the Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville is in violation of IRS regulations after sending an email supporting several political candidates.

Jennifer Owen, who is seeking the 2nd District seat on the Knox County school board, filed the complaint against J. Laurens Tullock, after he showed support for Owen's opponent according to a news release.

“A nonprofit cannot endorse candidates. They can’t be involved in the political process. They can’t ask for campaign donations. They can’t do any of those things that I think were happening in that email” said Owens.

The email endorsing three school board candidates, including Jennifer Owen's opponent, was sent from Tullock's Cornerstone Foundation. In it, Tullock requested funds from people in the community including Nathan Rowell, Buddy Pelot, and Grant Standefer who is running against Owens.

Tullock said he made a mistake sending the endorsement through his work email.

"I think the 26 people I sent it to knew that it was a personal endorsement," he said. "I should have sent that on my personal email address; I sent it on my office email address, which is the one that I use most often. I have resent that and made it clear to those folks."

Tullock continued, "It was my mistake, but I'm certainly authorized to personally endorse anybody I want to," he said. "I should not have sent it on my office email, and I apologize for that."