KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The Knoxville Police Department released Tuesday, June 11, that the 21-year-old Knoxville man who was rescued from the ventilation system at the 17th Street Market & Deli has died. 

Kell Gammeltoft appeared to be breaking into a Fort Sanders market last week when he became stuck in ventilation work above the stove top, a police report states.

He spent hours in the vent before being discovered about 9 a.m. Thursday, according to a report.

On Monday afternoon, the University of Tennessee Medical Center incorrectly stated he'd been discharged from the hospital. A spokeswoman subsequently said no information was available about him. 

The police report states cashier Maia Wrestler went to open the store at 115 17th St. about 9 a.m. Thursday when she heard screaming from inside the business. It sounded like the screaming was coming from the ceiling or roof.

Police went to the back of the market and saw a 50-gallon barrel "placed on top of the air conditioning unit." The barrel was positioned such that a person could use it to get to the roof, the report states.

Police then found Gammeltoft "stuck inside of the vent work above the stove top in the kitchen of the business."

He told police he'd been stuck since the night before. On Wednesday night, he was "extremely intoxicated" and climbed onto the market's roof, the report states.

"The suspect stated he was going to sit on the rooftop and smoke," the report states. "The suspect stated he put his legs in the vent on the roof and that he then fell inside."

Knoxville Fire Department and rescue personnel started to get Gammeltoft out. He lost consciousness and then rescuers couldn't find his pulse, according to the document.

He was taken to nearby Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and then transferred to University of Tennessee Medical Center.

At one point he was in critical condition at UT Medical Center, according to police. He died at the hospital on Monday, June 10.

The report classified the incident as a burglary.